Tips and Tricks for Effective Toilet cleaning

Author: Amin Tabibzada
Publish Date: July 29, 2021

Apart from your daily cleaning, it is important to designate a time to give our toilets a spotless cleansing at least once a week. Effective toilet cleaning starts when you take the first step. Here is how it all starts:

Cleaning the toilet seat

First you want to start with the bathtub. You want to rub the ceramic with a disinfectant and a sponge or microfiber cloth.

A liquid cleaner is also very effective if you want to remove germs and grime from the countertops, benches and taps. Rinse with plenty of water until there is no dirt left. If there are any other stubborn mold stains that you can see then try chlorine-based disinfectants such as bleach or ammonia. Let this sit and sink in for a while before washing off and keep kids and pets away from it to avoid sickness.

If you witness any really stubborn stains you can clean them with turpentine and white alcohol and then rinse with hot water as you normally would. Small and light stains will disappear with a bit of vitreous enamel.

Cleaning the toilet seat

Other elements, such as the sink, tap and knobs are cleaned via the same process as the bathtub. When all the essential features are perfectly rinsed, you can soak the cloth with some turpentine, borax or something similar like floral scented spray and then wipe away as usual. To clean your tap is done with a small brush like an old toothbrush, this allows you to comfortably reach the edges or any tight corners to remove germ and fungus. The fabrics and sponges you use to clean the tubs, sinks and bowls should not be rough because they can scratch the ceramic. 

Cleaning the toilet bowl

Use a chlorine-based disinfectant such as bleach or ammonia, spray the toilet bowl and let it sit in for a bit. Then with a swipe clean the inner side walls of the toilet bowl and flush it. Empty the cistern and finish removing the disinfectant, check that all of it is clean, and then proceed to clean again. For the tank lid use a product such as cream cleaner or powder with a rough base and rub it properly with a sponge then rinse and dry. With effective toilet cleaning, you are helping your family into a more hygiene lifestyle.

Cleaning the tiles and curtains

The most moisture build up is found in the tiles and curtains, to get rid of the typical black coloured fungi and dirt that is noticed in the cracks of the grout is to run over it with some silicone or gap filler if you decide to paint over it in the future. To avoid moisture expansion, a cloth can be used when it has just soaked and used on the surface. For darker spots use a small brush like a toothbrush preferably to remove the main or larger areas of bacteria and then brush a damp cloth across continuously rinsing it and draining until the surface is completely clean.

  1. First thing you want to do is throw away the rubbish that has been produced throughout the week, such as garbage, toilet paper or sanitary pads. This way you will find it easier to clean the bathroom or shower room and you will save yourself from tripping over anything and this will help you keep everything organised.
  2. Ventilation is very important when it comes to sustaining a hygienic toilet. That is why the first thing you should do before you start your cleaning process is to open your doors and windows so that the air moves out.
  3. Sinks and mirrors can be cleaned using soft towels or microfibre cloths in order not to scratch their faces. In the case of the mirror, we advise you to use a rubber cleaner or soap in order not to leave marks or scratch the glass. 
  4. When wiping the sink and the bowl, it is important that we inspect all the corners and under the lip and base, since this is typically where most of the dirt piles up and hides.
  5. As for the inside of the bowl, it is best to clean it by means of a toilet brush and disinfectant liquid.
  6. To clean the floor, we encourage first cleaning up any visible junk with a broom or dust pan to remove any remains that could then be seen on the ground. It is also recommended to use a mop to clean up any loose bits and pieces before starting to scrub the floor tiles and walls. In order to examine all the corners well we can use a scouring pad to clean up the corners and other tight spots.

These are the main factors to take into account when cleaning your toilets. It is important to repeat this process frequently, if it can be once a week. Effective toilet cleaning means changing your lifestyle for better.

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