15 Quick Dishes for a Quick and Healthy Diet

Author: Amin Tabibzada
Publish Date: August 05, 2021

15 examples of palatable dishes in less than 15 minutes that are easy to prepare and suitable for those who want to follow a healthy diet. These yummy and quick dishes to make at home will change your life.

Easy meals for busy people who desire to eat healthier. We will show you various examples of how it is possible to eat well and follow a healthy diet while spending less time in the kitchen. 

Let’s forget all the special recipes that we prepared last Christmas. Instead, we discover new dishes to benefit our lives and focus on meal ideas that we can prepare for lunch or dinner that our families love and benefit from. When there is no time for anything and when the temptation kicks in to eat some precooked garnish will help us achieve our goal.

Learn quick dishes to make at home, keep reading and I’ll tell you how.

1. Peppers Stuffed with Quinoa

A recipe that uses leftovers and also makes us happy for a meal that is yummy. We can take advantage of some leftovers of quinoa with mushrooms orquinoa tabbouleh to fill some piquillo peppers accompanied with a good salad, which will make a very nutritious and filling meal.

2. Grilled Salmon

It is prepared in 5 minutes and is complemented with grilled vegetables such as zucchini, capsicum, eggplant or even a good salad. It is a very filling dish for those moments when it is impossible to make time and feed the family with more elaborate and difficult recipes such as a full course seafood meal.

3. Scrambled Eggs

We teach you how to prepare them in this post and how you won’t need any extra ingredients and how they save us from breakfast or dinner. We show you two options, with salad and ham spring rolls or with some stew leftovers, on this occasion, no tomato sauce.

4. Grilled Prawns 

Are you in a hurry and want to eat a healthy diet? Well here you are. Give yourself a break from time to time. What is better than a little seafood such as some prawns also called shrimps that can be accompanied by a vegetable stew with a Thai style curry and salad or a coconut cream with kale or spinach.

5. Grilled Chicken

Thinking about preparing a healthy meal with grilled chicken breast that everyone will love? In that case, here’s the perfect dish that includes salad and some rice leftovers with paprika vegetables. This recipe will bring your taste buds to the next level, give it a try.

6. Grilled Eggs

If the French omelette does not convince you, we can always make a couple of eggs, grilled or in the microwave and have them with some grilled or steamed vegetables on the side that are scrumptious and made in minutes. Add this recipe for dinner tonight.

7. Grilled Beef with Salad

Another classic diet, sole-inspired grilled beef, which doesn’t have to be that tough, rubbery type steak we usually imagine when we think of healthy food. Grill your beef portion with steamed vegetables and add garden salad.

8. French Omelette

Another classic dish that we can turn into a very colourful dish with just a little splash of imagination, because one of the keys to a healthier diet is not to cook dishes that are appealing at first sight but are actually tasty. This time, I added a few pieces of cheese to some spinach leftovers sautéed with red pepper and put it as a filling for a simple dinner.

9. Vegetarian Sushi

Here’s how you prepare sushi and, apart from being delicious, it is a dish that barely has any fat and follows the guidelines of a healthy diet. No meat required. Add your favourite vegetables of course and enjoy with home-made avocado and lemon sauce. Explore other quick dishes to make at home.

10. Cooked Rice

Try the leftover rice with some steamed carrots, a little yogurt sauce, a few pieces of black garlic and a few springs of celery. Add olive oil to your liking and enjoy it with your family.

11. Grilled Squids

Squids are a great source of protein that barely include any fat and cooking them on the grill is much cleaner than frying them and it is a quick way to prepare a meal for those days of exhaustion. On this occasion, we suggest them with some capsicum cooked in the microwave with salad and zucchini and grilled eggplant. This meal has no fat whatsoever and is also quick and easy to please the kids and family during snack time.

12. Pasta

Eating healthy food and eating pasta go hand-in-hand, only instead of being accompanied by a greasy, fat-filled sauce we will pair it with a low-fat meat such as turkey or chicken and a sauce based on fresh vegetables

13. Grilled Vegetables With Garden Salad

You choose the vegetables to grill and you love the taste, it is that simple. Add extra virgin olive oil, zucchini and eggplant stewed with spices and some peppers roasted in the microwave. Add garden salad and enjoy the healthy choice that is very low on fat and sugar.

14. Grilled Fish

Eating a healthy diet means minimising fats, salmon may not be the best option, it would be more favourable to choose leaner white fish such as basa, sand whiting, snapper, white fish or cod with steamed potatoes and carrots (potatoes and carrots are steamed in the microwave for only 6 minutes separately).

15. Vegetable Soup

Now it is time to enjoy the one and only vegetable soupe of your liking with a pinch of  olive oil and pepper. Add chicken breast and enjoy it with curly cabbage and tofu.


You can always enjoy herbal tea, green tea as they both have antioxidants and help digest food. Have a cup after lunch and dinner and see the results for yourself.

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