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7 Day Weight Loss Hack For 2021

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To start your day with a healthy diet breakfast, get into this routine. Let’s move on to the weekly program to lose 5 kg in 7 days, with the diet 2021. This is probably the fastest way to lose weight, without hunger, unhealthy food, and enjoy the food you love. It also helps lose belly fat, waist fat and upper thigh fat altogether.

Day One

Breakfast: Choose between a cup of tea or coffee with sweetener and 3 slices of whole wheat toast. Tea Break: Fresh slices of your choice of fruits.. 

Lunch: 70 grams of whole-wheat pasta with fresh tomatoes and a little Parmesan cheese and green salad with low fat dressing with a little vegetable oil. Snack: Fresh slices of your choice of fruits.

Dinner: 1 bowl of lean chicken soup with vegetables only, 150 – 170gr of grilled or steamed fish and a bowl of green salad with or without dressing (low fat) with a little vegetable oil. You can also eat 30 gr of wholemeal bread, toast it to your liking.

Day Two

Breakfast: Tea or coffee, a pot of low-fat yoghurt and some whole-grain cereals. Tea Break: Slices of fresh fruit. 

Lunch: 150 grams of fresh ricotta cheese, salad with tomatoes, fennel, carrots dressed with a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil. Snack: 1 fruit slice. 

Dinner: A bowl of thick vegetable soup, 150 gr of chicken breast and a mixed garden salad.

Day Three

Breakfast: Tea or coffee, 4 whole-grain cookies and a piece of fruit. Tea Break: 1 glass of orange juice. 

Lunch: 60 gr of pasta with 30 gr of beans, a bowl of light chicken broth. Snack: Tea or coffee and a centrifuge of green vegetables.

Dinner: A bowl of vege soup, one boiled egg, a bowl of green salad and 3 loaves of bread, toasted to your preference.

Day Four

Breakfast: A cup of low fat yogurt with 2 tablespoons of whole-grain cereals. Tea Break: A Slice of your favourite fruit.

Lunch: 80 gr of ham (without fat) and 50 gr of wholemeal bread. Healthy Snack: Fresh slices of your choice of fruits.

Dinner: 200 gr of cooked or steamed fish, a bowl of salad and 30 gr of bread.

Day Five

Breakfast: Tea or coffee, 1 low-fat yoghurt and 2 slices of wholemeal toast. Tea Break: Fresh slices of your choice of fruits. 

Lunch: 70 gr of spaghetti with zucchini and green salad. Snack: A cup of low fat yogurt.

Dinner: One bowl of legume soup, fresh green salad and 30 gr of wholemeal bread. 

Day Six

Breakfast: Tea or coffee with three loaves of wholemeal toast. Tea Break: Fresh slices of fruit. 

Lunch: 160 grams of fresh low fat cheese slices, a bowl of garden salad and 30 grams of wholemeal bread. Snack: Fresh slices of fruit.

Dinner: Octopus with potatoes, garden salad or mixed steamed vegetables.

Day Seven

Breakfast: A pot of yogurt and a slice of wholemeal bread toast with a little jam. Tea Break: Fresh slices of fruit

Lunch: 50 grams of brown rice with vegetables and fresh garden salad. Snack: Fresh slices of your choice of fruits.

Dinner: One bowl of vegetable soup, 200 gr of steamed fish with a small steamed potato.

Losing weight quickly is difficult but not impossible, it is recommended that you must adhere to some strict rules and useful tips in order to achieve your goal.

Tips of the Day:

– Move around, move your muscles, stretch in the morning. Staying still does not help in weight loss. A great regime of exercise is a complement to a great weight loss program.  Brisk walking, jogging or better still, running on a daily basis would increase your chances of beating weight gain. Daily exercise will help your body and mind. Take the steps instead of the elevator where possible and clean up the house, garage, backyard to shed more weight. 

– Hunger and skipping meals do not help you achieve your goal. You need to eat the above diet as well as other beneficial complementary shakes and drinks such as Kombucha Powder Lemon & Ginger under Healthy Diet. Skipping meals is not recommended as it slows down your metabolism instead of helping you achieve your goal.

Other Important Steps To Take:

  • Drink at least 2 liters of water per day
  • Avoid sugary and alcoholic drinks
  • Drink a glass of warm water before meals, this will help you feel partially satisfied
  • Reduce the consumption of fatty & sugary foods
  • When dining out, always choose healthy food options, preferably cooked or grilled
  • Avoid fried, fatty dishes and always prefer wholemeal bread instead of white one
  • Try to eat more seafood and chicken. Only use red lean meat no more than twice a week
  • If you have to have coffee, either avoid sugar or minimise the amount
  •  Enjoy Green Tea and limit your coffee intake
  • Where possible, enjoy herbal tea as it helps you lose weight quickly and it is refreshing
  • Explore Health for great tips and tricks

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