VICKS VapoNaturals Lemon Menthol PK2 X 40 Drops x 3

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Say goodbye to cold, flu, sore throat, cough and blocked nose by getting the natural throat lozenges. Get relief from your symptoms, each vapoNatural lemon menthols drop with no added sugar comes with effective results that actually works. Don’t let your blocked nose hold you back from the things you love. Enjoy the lemon flavour and get your nose and throat sorted with regular use. It is the best cold and flu remedy, it clears the nose, soothes the itchy throat and relieves coughs. These cold and flu lozenges relieves related pain if take at the beginning of symptoms and prevents severe illness.

Product Features:

  • VICKS VapoDrops + Lemon Menthol Lozenges
  • Contents: 3X 2PK 40 Drops (120 Drops)
  • Natural throat lozenges
  • Soothes itchy throat
  • Super effective
  • Very affordable
  • Helps relieve cold & flu
  • Contains lemon menthol with no added sugar
  • Relieves itchy dry throat, clears blocked nose

Product Details:

  • Manufacturer: Procter & Gamble
  • GTIN: 4987176009852
  • Product SKU: 6009859
  • Country of Origin: Australia

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5 reviews for VICKS VapoNaturals Lemon Menthol PK2 X 40 Drops x 3

  1. Student R

    Yummy, thanks.

  2. Student R

    Yummy, thanks.

  3. Tacky G

    Great website l will buy more soon.

  4. Luna H

    Fantastic bargain, thanks.

  5. Faras B

    So affordable.

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