RITS Party Mix Fruit Chews 380g Pack of 4

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Explore yummy lollies and share the love. Rits party mix fruity chews will not only save you money but also make any occasion a breeze. Throw a birthday party, buck party or family get together or simply take a moment and enjoy yourself with RITS Party Mix Fruit Chews 380g. This party goodness comes in many great fruity flavours that everyone loves. Enjoy some while watching TV, or have something to snack on while watching the footy game at the stadium.

Assorted Candy Features:

  • RITS Party Mix Fruit Chews 380g
  • Contents: 4X 380g (1520g Total)
  • Flavour: Assorted fruity flavours
  • Shop in bulk and pocket the savings
  • Makes your party a breeze
  • Yummy lollies for my tummy
  • Invite friends without a fuss
  • Suitable for any occasion
  • Yummy but affordable

Product Details:

  • Manufacturer: RITS
  • GTIN: 7897156110615
  • Product SKU: 6110611
  • Country of Origin: Brazil

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4 reviews for RITS Party Mix Fruit Chews 380g Pack of 4

  1. Anthony W

    Nice taste, cheers.

  2. Tony L


  3. DJ

    Very chewy and Tasty

  4. Kate F

    The taste is incredible.

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