MORTEIN Large Rat Kill Wedge Bait Station 300g Pack of 2

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Mortein rat kill is a convenient and effective solution for the control of rats and mice. This rat poison is suitable for controlling rats or heavy mouse infestations. Simply place down the ready-to-use bait station for effective control. Less than 1 gram is required to kill a mouse and 4-6 grams will kill a rat. In fact, Mortein rat bait station contains a human taste deterrent (bittering agent) to help prevent accidental consumption by children.

And you know it’s guaranteed to protect your family, kids and your home because it’s Mortein the No.1 most popular mouse trap that kills rat of any size and keeps your house protected because of a secret but effective formula that they have created and it works to kill any household rat and rat infestation.

Mortein Mouse Bait Features:

  • Mortein rat poison kills rat of any size
  • Effective results every time
  • Bitter taste avoids accidental swallowing by children
  • Ready to use rat bait station
  • This mouse trap kills rat
  • By Mortein, the best in the game

Product Details:

  • Manufacturer: Reckitt
  • Product SKU: 296338
  • Country of Origin: Australia

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6 reviews for MORTEIN Large Rat Kill Wedge Bait Station 300g Pack of 2

  1. Tango G

    Great price and I am very happy with my product thanks

  2. Rita O

    Wow this product works great.

  3. Tim K

    Thanks for an amazing service.

  4. Rene D

    Awesome, cheers.

  5. Darrel J

    Can’t go wrong with a price like this.

  6. Gregory W

    My dog almost ate it.

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