LUX Botanicals Hand Sanitiser 60% Alcohol Assorted Pack of 6

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LUX botanicals hand sanitizer now comes with great fragrances that outperform in quality in scent. This hand sanitizer keeps the germs and bacteria away for long. It helps eliminate bacteria from your hands and body. It suits the whole family and come in a great little size that goes with you wherever you go. Enjoy santising in style and keep your family sanitised.

This gel type fragranced santiser comes in Gardenia & Honey as well as Freesia & Tea Tree scents giving you and your household the peace of mind you need. Have one in your car, and another one aroundthe house.  Enjoy the savings and start shopping online for all your groceries here.

Lux Hand Sanitizer Features:

  • LUX botanicals hand sanitizer
  • Comes in two assortments
  • Perfect for everyday use
  • Fits anywhere, easy to carry
  • Comes handy anywhere
  • Contents: 10 X 29mL (290mL total), 5 of each
  • Type: Hand sanitiser
  • Uses: General
  • Fresh and hygienic
  • 60% Alcohol killing germs fast
  • Fragrances: Gardenia & Honey, Freesia & Tea Tree
  • Suitable for hands and face
  • Kill germs instantly

Product Details:

  • Manufacturer: Unilever
  • GTIN: 8886467000355
  • Product SKU: 68130716-68130714

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3 reviews for LUX Botanicals Hand Sanitiser 60% Alcohol Assorted Pack of 6

  1. Tim D

    Now the whole family is taken care of. And the scent is lovely.

  2. Lenny M

    One for each member of the household, easy done.

  3. Nicky Q

    So small and cute.

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