Elastic Stretchy Top Quality Bandage 10cm X 3.1m Pack of 3

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These elastic bandages come with two clips to make them easier to wrap around your injured arm or leg, it is your choice of loose gauze bandage that always comes handy. This elastic bandage is top quality, washable, breathable and helps cover your wound and heal your pain away.

It is the best choice for scar pressure treatment and body slimming treatment. In addition, it is great to prevent lower limbs varicosity, and also can be used for safety reasons. In fact, it is great item for your First Aid Kit. More band-aids are available in stock.

Elastic Stretchy Bandage Features:

  • Washable & breathable stretchy bandages
  • Can be used to heal pain or prevent sport injuries
  • Comes with 2 clips per pack
  • Size: 10cm X 3.1m
  • Loose gauze bandage
  • Contents: 3x Elastic bandages
  • One low price
  • First Aid kit essential
  • Strong bandages in bulk

Product Details:

  • Manufacturer: OzGalore Pty Ltd
  • Product Code: AM17-03

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4 reviews for Elastic Stretchy Top Quality Bandage 10cm X 3.1m Pack of 3

  1. Cindy M

    Pretty good.

  2. John M

    Affordable, it works as described.

  3. Sema L

    Pretty happy with my product.

  4. Vera S

    Great quality at low price.

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