Afghanistan’s Afghanis 100 Red, Collectible Banknotes

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This Afghani 100 Note comes in red colour and a lot of security features that makes it one of the most unique banknotes. The 1991 rare banknote stands out from the crowd even today, that is over 3 decades after mintage.

Rare Currency Features:

  • Afghani 100 Note
  • Afghanistan’s Afghanis 100
  • Contents: 1 x Banknote
  • Fast & Free Postage
  • Authentic banknotes and coins
  • Great condition
  • Issuing Year: 1991
  • Issuing Country: Afghanistan

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Notes: Please note that our coins and banknotes are used, but most of them are in great condition. Images are for illustration purposes only.
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2 reviews for Afghanistan’s Afghanis 100 Red, Collectible Banknotes

  1. Greg B

    Great value.

  2. Harry A

    Awesome banknotes.

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