ActivD Sport Vitamin D3+ Magnesium For Muscle Function

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Discover magnesium plus and vitamin d3+ for yourself and improve your general wellbeing. Additionally, the ActivD health boost vitamin D3+ magnesium supports healthy bones , teeth and muscles, brain function if taken regularly. In fact, Vitamin D3+ and magnesium together fight body toxins, help cleanse body and mind for a healthier self.

Product Features:

  • 60 tablets that are easy and to take
  • Makes you feel light and active
  • Magnesium plus vitamin D3+
  • Increases bone density and strength
  • Improves muscle function and mind health
  • ActivD sport vitamin D3+ magnesium for strong muscle
  • Helps remove body toxins
  • Improves general health and wellbeing
  • Highly effective and affordable
  • Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels

Product Details:

  • Manufacturer: ActivD
  • GTIN: 9354243000022
  • Product SKU: 3100029
  • Country of Origin: Australia

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4 reviews for ActivD Sport Vitamin D3+ Magnesium For Muscle Function

  1. Yuna D

    Amazing results.

  2. Mason G

    Alright service.

  3. Pearl J

    Best value for the family.

  4. Wendy S

    Terrific people, cheers.

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