3X Twinings Cold Infuse Lemon, Orange & Ginger

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Twinings infuse cold water tea gives you the delicious, taste of Lemon, Orange & Ginger to live up your water without any of the hassle. This tea bag range works with cold and hot water but suits cold better. Flavoured tea has its popularity among tea lovers. Enjoy your fruity tea whether for breakfast, afternoon tea or late in the evening, you choose the time. These Twinings tea bags are easy to use. Just drop one of the infused bags into a water bottle (500ml), wait for 5 minutes stir or shake occasionally and enjoy the heavenly taste!

Do you want to liven up your water? Why not try dropping one of our cold infusion bags into sparkling water for a healthy, sugar-free alternative to fizzy drinks. It is designed to drop into your reusable water bottle, our cold infuse is the perfect aid to help you drink more water throughout the day, wherever you are. Simply drop, leave, shake and enjoy a refreshing cold tea!

What does it taste like? Lemon, Orange & Ginger. This subtle hint of mouth-wateringly fresh flavours is the perfect accompaniment to liven up your cold water.

Key Features:

  • Twinings infuse cold water tea
  • Flavour: Lemon, Orange & Ginger
  • Contents: 3x 12PK (36 Bags)
  • Great fruity taste
  • Healthy option
  • Cold infuse flavour tea
  • Can be added to water, shake and enjoy
  • Comes in many flavours
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4 reviews for 3X Twinings Cold Infuse Lemon, Orange & Ginger

  1. Greg Q

    Thank you as always.

  2. Hu S

    One word,FANTASTIC.

  3. Sebastian R


  4. Tim P

    Love the flavour.

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