6X MY LOLLIES Assorted Party Mix 100g

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Wholesale lollies Australia will save you big bucks. MY LOLLIES are so irresistible not only for kids but also for us adults. Go around and share the love with your loved ones whether it is a party or family get together. MY LOLLIES Assorted Party Mix 100g come handy for any occasion or simply treat yourself after a hard workout and break at work, the possibilities are amazing. This party essential will surprise your family and friends.  Throw a party and share MY LOLLIES sweets. Enjoy picnic essentials at affordable prices as you are buying bulk lollies. 

We have amazing lolly flavours in stock, so don’t be shy, explore our range of bulk lollies and chocolates. Buy bulk lollies and share them with family and friends and enjoy the savings. For more bargains, visit our Food Department.

Product Features:

  • MY LOLLIES Assorted Party Mix
  • Contents: 6X 100g (600g Total)
  • Flavours: Apple, strawberry, pineapple, orange, grapes
  • Buy bulk lollies and enjoy the savings
  • Share them with family and friends
  • Assorted flat and round shapes
  • Assorted flavours
  • 99% Fat free
  • Wholesale lollies Australia
  • Conveniently suits any occasion
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3 reviews for 6X MY LOLLIES Assorted Party Mix 100g

  1. Barry k

    Great service and nice deal.

  2. Barry k

    Great service and nice deal.

  3. Jim K

    Lovely lollies.

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