4X U By Kotex Super Tampons 16PK, Convenient & Effective

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Are you looking for the great quality period pads Australia has offered? U By Kotex super Tampons give you all the protection you need in a slim and comfortable design. These sanitary pads are perfect for those high flow days. Unlike skinny jeans ‘slim’ means comfortable, so that makes them so much easier to use. Another great feminine hygiene in your priority list, go on, shop now.

When it comes to feminine hygiene, look no further, trust U by Kotex. Finally, feel free wherever you go, whatever you do. Go out, go shopping, go nuts without worrying about your period any more, you got it under control. In fact, discover full period pads, feminine hygiene and sanitary products here at your fingertip. Feel fresh every period.


  • Contents: 4x 16PK Tampons (64 Packs total)
  • Packaged in a durable, soft and resealable zip-close pouch
  • Absorbency level: Super
  • Compact and comfortable design
  • Slender tip for ease of insertion
  • Enjoy period pads Australia
  • Last line of defense for leakage protection
  • Coloured twist-to-open wrappers
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1 review for 4X U By Kotex Super Tampons 16PK, Convenient & Effective

  1. Sharon K

    Cool product, thanks.

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