2X Recreo Biscuits 12PK X 36g Vanilla Creme

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Enjoy Recreo vanilla cream biscuits for that special break. Suffice your craving for a heavenly treat, break the chain and get into that moment, whether at work or at home. Or simply have one while out and about, Recreo biscuits make you enjoy every bit of it. Put your mood to the test and try our best yet break time cream biscuits. Don’t share it if you don’t want to, keep it to yourself and fuel up for a busy day, but then again, there is plenty to go around.

Product Features:

  • Recreo 432g vanilla cream biscuits
  • Contents: 2X 12PK x 36g (Total 864g)
  • Feel the heavenly taste at your own pace
  • Plenty to go around, share with family and friends
  • Great party essential, at low price
  • Can make a great coffee treat
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2 reviews for 2X Recreo Biscuits 12PK X 36g Vanilla Creme

  1. Rupa C

    Review for 2X Recreo Biscuits 12PK X 36g Vanilla Creme
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

  2. Samira Z

    Thanks, nice.

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