2X PINE O CLEEN Disinfectant Antibacterial Liquid 500mL

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Australia’s favourite PINE O CLEEN disinfectant antibacterial liquid comes handy, as kitchen necessary items. With minimal efforts, the germs are on their way, leaving your house smelling lavender and clean. Whether you clean timber flooring, kitchen bench-tops or toilet, this Pine O Cleen cleaning product is the only answer. It is very tough on germs, this detergent is serious business to clean every time.

We all want our house clean, hygiene, great looking and most of all away from germs and infection. Save water, money and time and give your home a quick clean every time. There is no secret, this is just one great cleaning gear any household needs. Meanwhile, this cleaning product fights germs for 24 hours, leaving your house hygiene day in day out. Just one squirt will do the job. In fact, it works great on surface, floor, kitchen bench top, bathroom and many more surfaces. Enjoy the new living style with germ-free home. Wakeup and start off your day with fresh scent and clean environment everyday.

Product Features:

  • PINE O CLEEN disinfectant antibacterial liquid
  • Tough on germs
  • Touch on grease
  • One squirt is enough
  • Perfect any household, workplace
  • Great kitchen necessary items
  • Contents: 2x 500mL (Total 1000mL)
  • Cleans dishes, leaves no stain
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1 review for 2X PINE O CLEEN Disinfectant Antibacterial Liquid 500mL

  1. Holly K

    Happy transaction.

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