2X MORTEIN Power Gard Cockroach Gel 12g

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Mortein PowerGard is the professional’s choice at your fingertips, the best Mortein cockroach killer gel. Get rid of those nasty cockroaches around the house, garage and storage, even the office. One squirt in the right place will do the job, thanks to the power of Mortein. This amazing cockroach killer can also kill other nasty bugs in the kitchen and living area.

In fact, the cockroach gel gets rid of crawling and flying cockroaches leaving you at peace again. This is the expert’s forumula (the fastest formula on roaches). Mortein the No. 1 most popular roach gel is designed to kill cockroaches within a short period of time. Wakeup to cockroach free home and enjoy life.

Features include:

  • Mortein PowerGard cockroach gel
  • Kills roaches and eliminates them for a longer period of time
  • Keep one at home and one in the office
  • Get rid of nasty roaches
  • Protects for up to 3 months
  • Mortein cockroach killer gel
  • Works with a single feed
  • Kills cockroaches and their eggs
  • Country Of Origin: Australia
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5 reviews for 2X MORTEIN Power Gard Cockroach Gel 12g

  1. Orion J

    Easy transaction.

  2. Pete I


  3. Lora D

    Received it, used it, happy about it.

  4. Fiona U

    Can’t complain.

  5. Jericho C

    Easy to deal with.

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