16 Healthy And Handy Snacks – Easy To Prepare

Author: Amin Tabibzada
Publish Date: September 3, 2021

We include facts and figures that we believe are useful for our readers. Making healthy decisions while eating can be difficult. Sometimes it just sounds like a bag of Chips. But despite shelf ready snacks, easily prepared, non-perishable items (and even many homemade edibles) are often mixed with sugar, sodium, fat and other not-very-healthy ingredients. Let’s help each other. Here are 16 of our favourite healthy snacks and drinks, without the need for cooling. Long lasting snacks that could change your life. In fact, handy healthy snacks that are made at home are more affordable and healthier at the same time.

1. Nutty Snack Mix

Everyone loves the trail mix, with its tasty range of mixed nuts, dried fruits and other tasty snacks, but the high amounts of sugar and saturated fats make this snack a very unhealthy treat. The good thing is there are several tricks we can show you to make healthier choices when having trail mix and nuts. Buying natural nuts and organic fruits and mixing them yourself without adding sugar, salt or saturated fat will make this possible, because you are creating the mixture at home.

2. Rice Cracker Snacks

An algae, wheat, wholegrain and superfood meal that is full of antioxidants, calcium and many vitamins and minerals in another great snack option. But while the health benefits are many, its unique texture doesn’t please everyone. While the unhealthy version of these snacks are crispy and have several flavours (brown sugar, sweet potato, seaweed, cheese, BBQ, chicken etc.), so the snack tastes less like rice crackers and rather like a trip on the clouds.

3. Pretzels And Cheese

If you are planning on enjoying this snack at noon then choose a tender type of cheese, because it will hold better at room temperature. It is recommended to combine a cheese block with a small bag of whole grain pretzels.

4. Green Pea Chips

Cooking vegetable chips can be fun, but there are times when you can get tired and buying them is the easier option. There are many choices that can be found in stores. But you can make the same ones in the comfort of your own home. Be careful not to eat the whole bag in one go.

5. Dark Chocolate

Chocolate can be a healthy snack but the key is to veer towards the dark flavours, which contain antioxidants and have even been related to better mental health. Higher dark chocolate consumption leads to anti-depression.  Mind you dark chocolate is best paired with fruits such as mandarin, passionfruit or pomegranate seeds. Try not to eat the whole bar though. After all, it’s all about staying in moderation.

6. Crackers

Thanks to the increased demand for gluten-free products, finding wheat-free diets is no longer so hard to get your hands on for those who need them.  Made with brown rice, wheat, beans, nuts, seeds, wholegrains and other gluten-free products, the biscuits are full of fibre, are tasty and great for gut digestion and overall health.

7. Peanut Butter & Chocolate Cookie Dough Bites

Fast, easy, and delicious, this choice is greatly enjoyed with tea or coffee of your choice without sugar and low fat milk. It would be hard to make a mistake with a snack like this. Among other things, these healthy snacks are full of favourite flavours: chocolate, peanut butter and cookie dough.

8. Dry Cereals

Cereal is one of the most favourite meals eaten during breakfast time. It is very easy to prepare and can offer carbohydrates, fiber, healthy proteins and calcium when taken with milk. Be cautious with serving sizes though and be sure to read the nutrition information and ingredients list, as some breakfast items are rich in calories, sugar and fat.

9. Rice Thin Cakes

Looking for a healthier type of rice cakes? They may be thin and crispy, but they are mouth-watering enough not to resist them, a great snack enhanced with a touch of seaweed and other healthy choices. This is a great addition to your handy healthy snacks list.

10. Cinnamon Oatmeal Bar

These cinnamon oatmeal bars are constantly ranked as one of the healthiest granola bar brands with the least sugar in the market. But keep in mind that these bars tend to crumble, so grab a napkin. Watch the sugar, sodium and fat contents before consuming.

11. Banana Chips

Banana chips may not be as familiar as the potato-based fried variety, but they are a much healthier choice and still very tasty option. It is simple to make by using natural ingredients in its seven varieties. We love combining the flavours of chilli and hummus but leave the choice to you.

12. Caramelised Pumpkin Seeds

Autumn is one of the loveliest seasons of the year, but why stop when the trees are stripping down? Instead of grabbing another hot cocoa coffee, cook a batch of pumpkin seeds and enjoy it with your coffee with no sugar. These bite-sized pieces can be made sweet or savoury and contain all kinds of vitamins, making them ideal for a quick and crispy snack on the go.

13. Homemade Jerky

There’s a reason why campers bring protein products. Jerky is an excellent fuel for a long run, hike or just an active day and can withstand long distance travels and heavy backpacks in any climate. To keep the jerky lighter and more desirable, choose turkey instead of beef, as it comes with reduced fat and sodium.

14. Grass-Fed And Grain-Fed Beef

High-protein grass-fed and grain-fed beef can easily adjust to your diet (and back pocket) with these tasty shaker sticks. Pack them with some whole wheat or wholemeal biscuits to make it a whole meal.

15. 100% Pure Mixed Fruit Juice Pouch

Squeezed fruit in a bag may seem like something you would prepare for your children (and it’s good for them too), but these light snacks can give adults a daily dose of fruit too. These pre-packed fruit mixtures have assorted flavours, from apple-sauce to banana & mango, all made with 100% real fruits.

16. Dark Chocolate Coconut Protein Balls

Mixing protein powder with water or milk is not always as ideal or delightful as making a blended protein smoothie, which does require cooling. But for a better solution, you can try these protein balls, which don’t require any refrigeration. Full of healthy fats and chocolate all in the form of a ball that keep you full for longer, this gluten-free paleo snack will provide an energy boost that will last all day long. For more Handy Healthy Snacks, check us out at OzGalore.com.

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