12 Hacks To Easy & Efficient Living

Author: Amin Tabibzada
Publish Date: September 1, 2021

There are so many different ways to lead you to easy living but with so much happening in our lives we pay little attention to this important issue. I am going to share several tips and tricks for an easy living or easy lifestyle. These hacks to easy living will not only save your money but also time and efforts. Enjoy efficient living hacks for better living. Let’s look at some of them:

  1. Easy Shopping

As soon as you finish shopping,  make a list of upcoming shopping and keep adding to it until the day you go shopping again. When you have a few spare minutes, go through specials online to see if you find anything in your list and put them in your online shopping cart. Online grocery shopping is becoming more popular, and they are cheaper online. Make sure you have a look at those online grocery stores to see if you can find any of your items there before you go shopping.

  1. Share Food & Cloths

If you don’t need food, give it away to a friend or neighbour with pets, or simply sink your vegetables and fruit peels into a compost bin and use it in your garden. Stop wasting food, and save the world. Take the first step. Don’t throw away clothes, give them to someone in need or donate them to charity. There are always people who can’t afford brand new clothes.

  1. Plan Ahead Your Trip

Don’t just go to the shops for a loaf of bread. Jot down what else you need, what other things you can do in the same area or on your way back. That way you could save a trip or two, let alone your time and fuel. Better still, organise with a good neighbour to help you fetch small items with their shopping and you can do the same to return the favour.

  1. Organise Outdoors Parties

If you have to organise a birthday party or something like that, try to hire a hall. That is if you can afford it. If it is a smaller party, go to a park with barbeque and toilet facilities than your house. It saves you time and hassle, best of all, cleaning up.

  1. Choose Disposables Over Glassware

Disposable Products such as plastic plates, cups, cutlery, straws can be used in your parties and daily life and thrown away when done. There is no washing up, dishwashing liquid or water wastage involved. Best of all, you save hours of washing up. Glassware has breakage over disposable ware. Use disposable tablecloths and throw them away when done. Change colours and don’t get stuck with just one colour.

  1. Use Disposable Food Containers

The use of plastic food containers is becoming popular, simply because it makes life easier. A lot of these plastic food containers are microwave & freezer safe and can stacked up, making storage a breeze. They are versatile and can be used for so many different purposes.

  1. Buy In Bulk & Save

Now it is even easier to buy groceries in bulk and save, especially online. There are so many bulk buys that could save you big bucks. If you think there are too many of them, you can always share them with family and friends and still enjoy the savings. Sometimes, you could save as much as 70% off retail price, just imagine what you could do with the savings and what it is worth in the long run. Love the efficient living hacks.

  1. Buy Your Fruits & Vegetables From Local Fresh Markets

Buying your fruits and veggies from the fresh markets could save you tons but also gives you much fresher food than your local supermarkets. Again follow rule number 7 and buy in bulk to save even more. And surely, you can share them with family and friends and save.

  1. Always Keep An Eye On Specials

Online and physical Supermarkets always put many items on special. They do this for many different reasons such as shorter shelf life, discontinued lines, new stock coming in, lack of space, stocktake, attracting customers etc. Some of these specials won’t be repeated so make sure you snatch them before they run out of stock. Don’t give up, do this on a regular basis, but make sure you don’t keep buying anything and everything. Stick to your guns and buy the things you really need, avoiding unnecessary buys.

  1. Check Out Bargain Websites

There are certain websites that only advertise specials from major supermarkets. It is like a community, people share those specials in one portal and you can go through them by the categories and find what you need. If you find a special that is attractive enough, don’t be shy to share it with the community.

  1. Go Through Product Reviews

This is another great way to go through product reviews and find out what people think of the product you are after. They talk about the price, taste, usability, versatility etc. Their personal views make your life easier in deciding whether you want this specific product for yourself or not.

  1. Check Out Specials On Social Media

Don’t forget the power of social media. A lot of the supermarkets put exclusive deals only on social media, so go on and check out their social media page and snatch a deal that you couldn’t find elsewhere. It is a great bargain, then share it with friends and let them enjoy as much as you did. Efficient living hacks are made easy.

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