10 Hacks To Awesome And Effective Makeup For Less

Author: Amin Tabibzada
Publish Date: August 15, 2021

These awesome makeup hacks are the cheatsheet from the professionals that will make you even more beautiful. You can never get enough shortcuts, tips and hacks when it comes to makeup, so here are ten easy makeup hacks to make you look even prettier, save you time and money. These are some of the most effective makeup hacks.

1. Use Colour Opposites To Disguise Defects

When using concealer, use contrast colours to mask defects. For example, for red spots and scars, using a green tint would be most suitable to cover any dark marks and orange is best for sleeping circles under eyes. They are not only effective but also economical.

2. Use Blush As Lipstick, Use Lipstick As Blush

Are you missing your blush or possibly your lip makeup? No problem, apply a bit of lipstick on your cheeks and blend it well. Not too much though, or it will look like a circus clown! Or, if you have lip gloss, then use that or just your regular moisturiser, or shea oil with little shadows of the right colour and apply it to your lips instead of lipstick. This is definitely a fun idea and it works in emergencies or otherwise.

3. Plump Your Lips With Mint Oil

A quick way to get a bubbly and more lively lips is to add a drop of mint oil to your lip balm or lip gloss. Whitewash always makes lips look fuller, but if you add a little mint oil as well it will make your lips swell a little and make them look even better. Give it a try, it is harmless yet effective.

4. Take Extremely Long Lashes With Baby Powder

Your mascara will do its job much better if you coat your eyes with a bit of baby powder. Just sprinkle a little baby powder on with a cotton bud and then, you will get much thicker and longer lashes, when applying mascara. Also, if you want your mascara to last longer and not dry quickly, then lightly and liberally apply it instead of applying pressure.

5. Two Different Uses Of Bronze

For a more natural look, try using bronze instead of your usual shadows, if you want larger and brighter eyes this will add the shine you’ve always wanted. It will also look very beautiful with the rest of your makeup. Another original way to use bronzer is to mix it with your usual moisturizer on the back of your hand, so you can mix this formula and use it as your own colour moisturiser!

6. Smooth Eyebrows With Clear Mascara

To control stray eyebrows and make them fuller, define them and give them more volume, try to use a clear mascara on them. If you don’t have a clear mascara, spread some hairspray on a clean spoolie and brush that through your eyebrows. It’s a great way to tame your eyebrows if you want to go for a natural, no-makeup look. It will make you stand out in the crowd, give it a try today. These are the most effective makeup hacks that are efficient and cost effective.

7. Brush Your Lips

For soft and kissable and plump lips. Try to use a little olive oil and use a soft toothbrush to get rid of all the dry skin and improve blood circulation as well.This way you will save money instead of buying oral exfoliating products. 

8. Always Check Makeup In Different Lights, Especially Daylight

The lighting at home ruins the effect of disguising what makeup will look like in different weather conditions like the cold light of the day, for example. Always check your make-up when you go out or check it in the car, this way you’ll get to see what it really looks like.

9. Apply Concealer Under The Eyes In The Form Of A Triangle

When wiping concealer under your eyes, create a triangle shape with it and then merge it. This way your face will look much fresher and younger and it is a much more effective way to disguise dark circles and wrinkles. The results will surprise you, give it a shot this week.

10. Use Rose Water To Revive Your Makeup

Normally after lunch time, makeup can lose its vibrance and efficiency. To liven up your makeup again, just give it a light spray of rose water and it will revitalize and reinvigorate your face instantly, and with a wonderful rosey fragrance! You can try it this afternoon and see the results for yourself. The above are some of the most effective makeup hacks that could change your life.

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