10 Beauty Hacks To Make You Look Younger

Author: Amin Tabibzada
Publish Date: July 7, 2021

Whether it’s been a night out in the city, or a night out with the kids, the last thing you need to hear from someone is “You look tired”, or “You look older than your age” or “You don’t look great” or possibly “Are you OK”. 

Of course you’re tired but it’s not the thing you want to feel when you’ve spent all day in your makeup and your hair is now a mess! Your makeup is wearing off and doesn’t look natural. So, if you’re tired of looking tired, check out these hacks to slow down the aging process. These beauty hacks will change the way you look at yourself, they have changed lives and they might change yours, just believe in yourself and adapt to a better lifestyle. These beauty hacks to look younger will also make you stand out in the crowd.

1. Hydrate

Your skin can turn dry and lifeless if it hasn’t been moisturised and if you haven’t had enough sleep it can also flake. Deter moisture after you drizzle your face with cold water and apply a fair bit of moisturising cream.This will keep your skin hydrated as well as get rid of any lines or wrinkles. This is a natural way to hydrate your skin without the use of chemicals.

2. A Cold Water Chipping

Start the day by splashing some cold water on your face and eyes as this will cause your blood vessels to contract and make your skin firmer. This will also make your skin look much softer and help you wake up in the morning on time and easily. This natural anti-ageing technique is one of the most convenient ways to look less tired and younger.

3. A Touch of White Eyeshadow

Another practical and effective makeup trick on how to look more lively is the use of white eyeshadow. Apply a touch of white eye shadow to the inner corners of your eyes, this will instantly light up your whole face. And again, look younger without the fuss of spending thousands of dollars. This is one of the most remarkable beauty hacks to look younger.

4. Fold Your Tabs and Use Eyelash Mask

If you’ve forgotten your eyelashes, authorise your tabs with a tab author and apply a good layer of tab mask. This will open up your eyes and make you glow and look more lively. Stand out in the crowd without ruining your budget.

5. Rinse with Lipstick

Another great tip to make you look younger is to test around with your shadow lipstick. First, apply some lip balm to hydrate your lips, because fatigue can make your lips dry, and use bold lipstick. This will define your smile and attract attention away from your eyes. Define your lips with darker colour lip liner and enjoy the company of your friends like never before.

6. De-Puff Eyes

Fatigue is mostly found in the eyes and eyelids. They can look swollen and inflamed when tired. To get rid of this, close your eyes and place a couple of cucumbers or cold spoons on them, both of these methods work very well.

7. Milk and Ice

Dip a tea towel into a bowl of cold milk and ice cubes, drain the towel and place it on top of your face for about five minutes. This refreshes your skin as the cold ice contracts the blood vessels of the skin. This method will make your skin stay firmer throughout the day and fade away the tired looks on your face.

8. Hide Any Glasses

If you are very tired, dark circles and bags will appear underneath your eyes. Use a concealer to cover those bags and dark circles to make you look much more awakened. Then use lighter colour eyeliner to make your eyes stand out.

9. Put Some Colour on Your Cheeks

Pale skin is a scream for fatigue, so bring out your face with a subtle touch of vibrancy. Apply some peach, orange or pink notes to the islands of your cheeks, and your skin will be vibrant without it looking unnatural. Add a touch of concealer before applying makeup to get rid of those wrinkles.

10. Keep a Bottle of Spray with You

Near the end of the day makeup can tend to wear and tear and look raggedy. To avoid this, keep a spray bottle with you and whenever you need a quick little touch-up, spray your face with a little bit of water, preferably cold water. This will make your skin firmer and avoid sogginess and a tired looking face.


In conclusion, try to avoid excessive layers of makeup all day long, rather use light makeup to make you look younger. Re-touching your makeup towards the end of the day is a good idea. Spraying your face with cold water will reduce tiredness. Understand your skin and use the right makeup instead of competing with your friends. Enjoy the above beauty hacks to look younger and fresher everyday.

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